CyberBullying Defined :

Cyberbullying is the sending or posting of hurtful, embarrassing, or threatening text or images using the Internet, cell phones, smartphones, and other digital communication devices.

Online harassment becomes cyberbullying when it's intentional, repeated, and an abuse of power. 


What You Should Know About Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying Effects

If you are getting cyberbullied or see cyberbullying

If you are doing the cyberbullying

  • If you say or put something online, you can't take it back - it is for everybody and forever
  • You can't control who will see what you put online - anyone can forward it on to others
  • Don't share personal information online - that material can be used for cyberbullying
  • Cyberbullying can cause a lot of damage by reaching many kids very quickly. It's invasive and pervasive - in your face 24/7
  • Sometimes people send hurtful messages anonymously or pretend to be someone else
  • Posting false or private information can isolate kids and ruin reputations
  • Don't share your passwords with your friends. They can use your passwords to gain access to your email or social networks. Passwords are private - share them only with your parents


Did You Know...

  • 38% of girls and 26% of boys report being harassed or bullied online
  • 26% of teens have been harassed via their cell phones-by voice or text
  • 16% of teens have seen or heard a friend doing cyberbullying
  • 10% of teens have done cyberbullying
  • 47% of teens have sent a text message that they regretted sending

And these percentages are going up every day.